Web to Print for Odoo

A Service from Clixmedia Gmb

Information we collect

The information we collect is directly provided by our customers when they use our app. This information includes the identifier of the Odoo IAP account and the Cloudservice Key (received from us) making the request.

Other information such as Template Data, Client Session Data will be saved temporary on the Cloudservice Server and can be viewed and deleted by the Odoo Administrator which is the customer them selves.

How we use this information

The information that we collect,the Cloudservice Key is transferred to Odoo via the Web-to-Print App. This information is necessary to validate and connect from Odoo to the Web to Print Cloudservic. The temporary data exchanged in the API that we store is for the purpose of technical troubleshooting when necessary.

Service Providers

Clixmedia GmbH is the only service Provider for the Web to Print App Service and the Applications are hosted on the server from Clixmedia GmbH in Germany and Switzerland.

See here for the Privacy & Security, EULA (Enduser Licence Agreement), TOM (Technical and organizational measures in the data center)

Data Retention

The customer’s Identifier and Cloudservice Key is stored on the server indefinitely. Other data as mentioned above that traverses through our system is logged temporarily for a duration of 30 days for the purpose of troubleshooting

Transfer of Data

Data is hosted on our server which is located in Germany and Switzerland